Hi, my name is Kelly Williams..and I am the owner of Lynn Kelly Jewelry.  I am currently a colon cancer survivor and patient.

October 2006, I was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer, at the age of 26.Ever since that day, I have slowly learned what it means to be a survivor.

After immersing myself in “cancer culture” I realized that every different type of cancer was trying to get attention or awareness.  But, there is one important group that isn’t getting the attention they deserve…survivors.  That is when Lynn Kelly Jewelry was born.I want to create products that allowed cancer survivors to “brag” about their accomplishments.  What they have gone through..how far they have come.  Survivor-ship is something to celebrate, and what better way to celebrate something than with jewelry!

My first product line is the colon cancer star pendant.  Please check back in May to see the other pieces currently in production.  Future jewelry will include customized bracelets and necklaces that can document your cancer journey and survivor-ship.